Kontaminationen [Coincindence Records 042]


Label: Coincidence Records
Artist: Kretipleti
Title: Kontaminationen EP
Cat: CSF/ASG042
Format: 12″
Releasedate: 16.05.2011

A1: Kontaminationen
B1: Densolitmos
B2: Greger

Kretipleti might not sound very familiar to you, but when I say Thomas Jaldemark (from Donk Boys, Frankie Records) and Pehr Herb, that should surely ring a bell if you have been playing techno in the past few years. Originally started as a project annex label, Scandinavian duo Kretipleti is now coming to Coincidence with a three-track techno EP.

The A Side ‘Kontaminationen” immediately blasts off in a dark techno monster that takes no prisoners. Distorted, raw sweeps and buildups quickly follow one another and already haven proven mayhem qualities on the dancefloor.

Flip the vinyl when the bell rings and get ready for quite something different: ‘Densolitmos’ can easily be described as early Ben Klock meets oldskool techno loops: if you’d play this on a kozzmozz there will be carnage. Simple, minimalistic and effective.

The third cut, ‘Greger’, sounds influenced by the atmospheric, deep acid techno that used to be released by iconic producers like Emmanuel Top, or vaguely referencing to classics like Acid Eiffel. When the strings hit this tune, oldskool punters will have a hard time finding a dry seat in the house. A massive track to show that Coincidence mean serious business in 2011.

The mastering was done by one of our alltime favorite producers ‘slash’ engineer, Misjah at 24Mastering.


Onder het motto ”beter laat dan nooit” uiteindelijk toch een review voor deze opvallend sterke release van Kretipleti (Thomas Jaldemark en Pehr Herb). De titel track is een donker techno-monster terwijl Densolitmos minimale techno op zijn best is. Twee steengoede nummers, maar het is vooral het derde – Greger – dat mij van mijn sokken blaast. Greger is namelijk een trip van 8 minuten, met een steeds evoluerende acidlijn en meeslepende atmosferische synths. De gelijkenis met Acid Eiffel is niet veraf. Top release alweer, op een label waar we als Belgen fier op mogen en moeten zijn.

Affie Yusuf (Ferox, Force Inc)
Good classic sounding noise, I like it more as its not trying to be to clever.. Original mix just does the fkkn job!.. thanks

Angel Molina
LOVE ‘Greger’. Timeless techno track, always welcome. thanks!!!!

Autodeep (Trapez)
Yeah, some sick stuff here! We dig

Daniel Sanchez (Remote Area, 100% Pure, NL)
Densoltimos sounds nice here, thanx!

sick tracks. will play and support on www.muzicr.de

Denis A
Supporting Kontaminationen, Good release!

Ed Davenport
greger is a nice tool

Electric Indigo
Like the overall sound, not into the break towards the end of kontamination though. densolitmos is cool, greger too.

Gideon (Lessismorerecordings)
Like both densolitmos and greger:)

Gols (Thrill Recordings, Feestgedruis)
love the floating feeling in greger, Densolitmos gives me a nice big room techno feeling, nice ep

Grant Paterson
Holy cow, that’s more storming than one of Darth Vaders black and white troops! Definitely playing this to ruin every person in the room!

Hermanez (Miconn)
Greger = quality techno!

John Selway
Supporting ‘Kontaminationen’

Marco Bailey (MB Elektroniks, Bedrock)
For me ONLY Greger ..Acid tune!

Markus Suckut (figure spc,stroboscopic artefacts)
wow! that’s music i am really into! really difficult to say which one is my favorite! will play them all for sure .

Orde Meikle (SLAM)
cool EP – thanx

Paul (Poema Club)
Once again, massive tunes! Never heard of this guy, but awesome tracks! Will defintely play this!

Peter Van Hoesen (Time To Express)
Greger is perfect for deeper late-night dancefloors.

Nice, Greger is really cool thanks

Sascha Krohn
Kontaminationen for me….

Sean Danke
Yeah, really liking the Densolitmos and Greger. Reminds me alot of 90´s techno. Nicely done.

Spacid (KozzMozz)
the best coincidence release if you ask me i love all tracks without exception great job, i like! i’ll def play them!

Steve Lorenz (Synewave)
Full support!!! One of the best work I have listened this 2011!

Stevie P (Thrill Recordings)
Quality release! Especially digging ‘Greger’ can’t wait to play it out!

Tampopo (Curle Recordings)
ho ho ho like dis sh!t a lot everything that is dark by now is 4 me

Tom Hades
Love it !! Nice stuff !! .

Trevor Rockliffe
Will be playing the original mix of Kontaminationen. 8/10!

Kretipleti – Densolitmos (Original Mix) is the track for me. Elusive pounding main set Grooves! Kretipleti – Greger (Original Mix) is another superb track. Will Play these at the Carnival in Brasil. Full Support